The MPWRSource Squad is ready to help you gather, analyze, and interpret information to help empower you to develop your brand strategy and make decisions that will help you grow.

Insights help you identify market trends and understand your customers, clients, and competitive advantage. Our squad is armed and ready to deliver the insights to help your brand soar. 


The MPWRSource Squad is ready to help you attract and delight your target market.  Our Outbound Growth Developer will help you hunt down leads and turn them into new clients.  And our Client Concierge team is armed and ready to meet the needs of your clients with stellar customer service. 


primary research

MPWRSource can collect data on your organization's behalf. We conduct research that is open-ended or exploratory, as well as conduct research to provide insight into specific questions or issues.  Some primary research methods we use include:

  • Surveys 
  • Focus groups
  • Client Advisory Boards
  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • Visits to competitor locations

secondary research

MPWRSource evaluates existing insights or data to help understand the appropriate starting point for further analysis. MPWRSource can evaluate the following existing insights:

  • Market research reports 
  • Trade association and academic journal content
  • US Census data and other reputable sources
  • Your previously conducted primary research
  • Customer/client emails
  • Recording of internal and external meetings