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Strategy: Starting with the Right Order of Things

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EJ Phillips

A brilliant visionary and entrepreneur (and perhaps one of the greatest superheroes of all time), Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, knows that success requires strategy. Yes, yes. Ironman has a suit. And crazy technology that literally comes to life. His tech (and admittedly his bravado) is what he is most known for. Yet even Tony Stark knows that without a plan, without the proper strategy and training, all the tech, tools, and “stuff” will do more harm than good. In Spiderman: Homecoming, Iron Man tells the immature and overzealous Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, “If you’re nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have the suit.”

What does Iron Man mean by that? Surely the gadget geek cannot be discounting all of his cool toys that help him fly and spy and save the world. He is not; what he is advocating for is that success is more than implementation.

What is the MPWRSource 




Iron Man also subscribes to the MPWRSource methodology of strategy --> plans --> people --> process --> technology. Technology is what superheroes wield; it is not what makes them superheroes.

Perhaps the greatest strategist amongst the Avengers is Dr. Strange. Able to control time and follow every outcome to its end, Dr. Strange may not have the noble character of Cap or the bravado of Iron Man, but what he does have is the ability to develop a strategy and trust a plan. To know which plans will have the most advantageous outcomes, which people will be required to carry out these plans, and which tools (and spells, admittedly) are required.

You may be thinking this is all well and good for a superhero in tights in a multiverse, but you came here to learn how to grow your business. Well, dear reader, simply put, your products or services cannot be all you offer. In fact, these things without the proper knowledge, planning, people, and processes can be the endgame for your business.

But how do we get there? What if we really just want to jump to the cool parts? While we may not end up cutting the Staten Island Ferry in half, accidentally fracturing the universe into a multiverse, or creating crocodile variants, we may end up alongside Spiderman, in deep waters.

A wise band of superheroes meets at headquarters to discuss strategy, build a game plan, suit up, access strengths, and coordinate call signs before every battle. There are also probably snacks. Sound methodology should be your guiding principle, your code of conduct, your tactical guide. A methodology of putting strategy, plans, and people before processes and tech are the origin of professional power. And because all power comes with great responsibility, we should wield our powers for the sake of good business, defeating the foes of stress, angst, and marginality.

This methodology empowers small businesses by working to find the right strategies that offer peace of mind, growth, and return on investment through a holistic, tailor-made approach to overall business.

As a strategic growth consulting firm, MPWRSource empowers small to mid-sized organizations who are purpose driven and have a growth mindset for optimum growth through strategic growth consulting services and solutions. Our ragtag squad of superhero consultants always begin with strategy. We are not fly by the night vigilantes, rather, we are able to leap buildings with a single bound because we’ve planned to do so. By beginning with strategy as your organization’s foundation, we can help you discern your next steps.

Strategy at the start helps you know your next steps. It helps you set organizational priorities, focus your energy and resources, strengthen your operations, and ensure that your entire cadre of superheroes are working towards the same goal. Starting with strategy helps your team know your overall mission, vision, and values, as well as the long-term goals and action plans required to meet those goals. Few superheroes truly work alone, so making sure your entire squad has bought into the mission and strategy will set the stage for organizational success.

This blog post is the first in a series outlining the MPWRSource Methodology. Stay tuned for more installments!!!

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