ProActive Information Management is a managed services provider whose mission is to enhance their clients’ ability to deliver and achieve all their business goals and objectives expertly and efficiently through technology. Unfortunately, their clients had come to know them only by their founder and a few technicians and didn’t really grasp all the knowledge and expertise they had to offer. They struggled with communications and helping their clients have the best strategies in place to keep pace with evolving technology services in an increasingly digital world.


action plan

Communicate the right message about who ProActive Information Management is and what solutions they have to offer.
Grow Leads and revenue, helping them to be better able to scale, making sure to provide an excellent client experience delighting and engaging their prospects and current clients.
Rebrand that communicates their cheeky take on life and tech, reflects their methodology, company culture, and desire to offer relationship-based IT services.

solutions deployed



Their evolution began with an extensive strategic growth plan wherein they saw that technology needs to work flawlessly with a business’s people and processes. This led to their new tagline: “Synchronizing people, process, and technology.” This simple statement would become the foundation of all their next steps. Email campaigns informed clients of changes, new security standards and billing procedures, and the upgrades they would need to make in order to maintain business continuity.

Building off of better communication lines put in place, CGO growth advising coupled with outbound growth services, client concierge services, and a robust content strategy grew revenue by 50% and our client concierge team began to better maintain client relationships through HubSpot’s powerful CRM and sales management tools.

Their evolution concluded with pim: a brand whose approachable, innovative and client-centric team leads the way in not just being proactive to their clients’ needs, but predictive. Their rebrand included a newly designed website on HubSpot’s CMS Hub. The website features easy to follow navigation and copy that communicates their service offerings in an appealing way to their small business market. Revamps to their service offerings also made it more clear to clients as to what services they needed and adding to increased lead generation and client delight already set in motion by the sales and relationship management teams.


custom website design