CentraVance Consulting is a compliance consultant whose mission is to protect the reputations of their clients by providing superior service and support through education, collaboration, and project management regarding the specific industry standards in the fields of dentistry, healthcare, and manufacturing. They do this by creating and implementing long term, tailor made, successful compliance programs. Unfortunately, when they showed up, most prospects and clients shut down, viewing them as just a bothersome extension of government oversight. CentraVance struggled to communicate the message that ultimately, compliance was about protecting an organization’s business reputation and maintaining client and patient trust.


action plan

Develop in depth Strategic Growth plan that hones in on CentraVance's why while taking in the needs and perceptions of their target markets.
Complete rebrand that communicates softer message of reputation protection making CentraVance more approachable and accessible.
Grow Leads and revenue, helping them to be better able to scale and engaging their prospects and current clients with accessible communication.

solutions deployed



CentraVance’s evolution began with an extensive strategic growth plan that saw that they were having trouble connecting with their market due to being seen as complicit with necessary but unwanted government oversight. They needed their market to understand what compliance wasn’t just about ticking boxes off of lists, but as a means to establishing trust with their clients and patients and establishing and protecting their organization’s reputation. This led to their new tagline: “Protect Your Brand. Protect Your Reputation.” This put reputation protection at the center of all CentraVance’s mission versus simply complying with various government regulations. It spoke to the heart of CentraVance’s why and ultimately to their client’s pain points.

Jumping off the new tagline, we began their rebrand keeping in mind that CentraVance is both approachable and trustworthy. Their rebrand included a new logo and a website designed on HubSpot’s CMS Hub. With easy-to-use navigation and simple copy, the new website reflected CentraVance’s accessibility, approachability, and trustworthiness. It also focused on CentraVance’s core values of collaborative inclusion and risk mitigation.

These actions, coupled with CGO growth advising, outbound growth services, a robust content strategy that included social media management, video, eBooks, podcasts, and webinar development and hosting services, our client concierge team began to better able to connect with CentraVance clients through HubSpot’s powerful CRM and sales management tools. The development and implementation of a new service, COVID-19 Coverage, drove substantial new revenue during the pandemic. Overall, a 12% increase in revenue was directly tied to MPWRSource’s efforts.


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