Speak your truth.

It is not just what you say that matters, but how you say it. MPWRSource can help you develop communication plans, both internal and external, to ensure your employees and clients understand your brand's purpose, mission, and value. 


Attract, Engage, and Delight your customers. 

Inbound Marketing is a customer-first approach to marketing. Inbound marketing helps you position yourself in such a way that your ideal customers are looking for you rather than the other way around.  You will attract them through valuable content that helps your market reach its goals rather than interrupting them with disruptive ads or smooth-talking sales tactics. 


internal communications

Every person within an organization serves as a brand ambassador or spokesperson.  Internal communications unites and facilitates connections between all members of an organization, thereby building internal brand loyalty and brand equity. 

external communications

Communications to target markets and customers are focused on educating consumers about their brand to drive brand awareness, loyalty, revenue, and equity.  Content marketing plays an integral role in external communications.

crisis communications

Every organization should have a communications plan for when (not if) a crisis occurs.  These plans should address steps to take during the crisis, including communications internally and externally, as well as how to prevent the issue to occur again.  Crisis communications should follow a plan, be expedient, and be transparent.

why prioritize communications?


Communications is integral to the success of any organization.  Communication can:

  • Form and establish relationships that build loyalty to the brand.
  • Promote knowledge-sharing between employees, as well as team building.
  • Foster innovation because when communication is open people are more likely to contribute to the success of the company.
  • Build trust between management, staff, coworkers, and clients especially when leadership is transparent.
  • Reinforce interaction with remote workers.
  • Build a stronger brand and culture.
  • Strengthen client retention and satisfaction.
  • Attract new clients and drive revenue.


but don't just take our word for it,

we've got the stats to prove it


Companies with effective programs for communication and support are 3.5 times more likely to beat out their rivals, while well-informed employees outperformed their peers by 77%. (Towers Watson, 2014)


64% of businesses list communicating their 'strategy, values, and purpose' to employees as a key priority, according to Gatehouse State of the Sector 2018.


86% of corporate executives, educators, and employees cite ineffective communication and poor collaboration as reasons for failures in the workplace, according to Expert Market.