We don’t like to talk about our flair, well, except for when we do.  The MPWR Fill Up Podcast is where host EJ Phillips, MPWRSource Content Lead, fills up her coffee mug and gets down to the nitty gritty with our clients. She talks marketing, business planning, operations, technology, compliance, strategy, planning, teleworking, and her favorite subject: snacks.  Like everyone on the MPWRSource Squad, she is always super;  sometimes, she is funny. 



IT Security

MPWRSource Content Leader, EJ Phillips, chats with pim's IT wizards (aka Project Implementation Specialists) Paul Thrasher and Will McCauley.  They discuss some of the things they see when helping B2B businesses with their IT Security such as needing to update passwords and how to choose effective ones, phishing scams, firewalls, and if you really need to turn it off and on again.

Planning For Success

MPWRSource Content LeaderEJ Phillips, dives deep into the ins and outs of Business Planning with Tiffany Joy Greene, CGO and Co-Founder of MPWRSource, LLC. They discuss why many businesses don’t want to plan and how this sets them up for failure. They cover it all–from what is included in a business plan, to why Americans don’t like raisins, to how Elizabeth will never take her kids in the car for a road trip to Colorado, no matter how good of a plan she makes. 

Having a Business Continuity Plan  

MPWRSource Content Leader, EJ Phillips, chats with business continuity experts, Andrew Blais, General Manager of pim, and Angela Simmons, managing partner of CentraVance Consulting, about what all is entailed in business continuity planning.  From Risk Assessments to Binders to Data Recovery Plans, we discuss all the plans required to keep your business moving amid crisis. 

Aim Small; Miss Small

MPWRSource Content Leader, EJ Phillips, chats with Dennis Kao, founder and CEO of IT firm ProActive Information Management about all things business: starting your own business, growing your business, minding your business, and the stress associated with all of the above. 

Managing A Remote Sales Team

MPWRSource Content Leader, EJ Phillips, chats with Alison Conners, owner of CEO Curator and sales expert, about the ups and downs of managing a team from afar. In light of Covid-19, this information is more important than ever.  How can a leader meet the needs of their team from afar, while simultaneously meeting the sales metrics given to them?  Alison shares some of the lessons she learned the hard way as she has successfully led remote sales teams for years. 

Learn Office 365

MPWRSource Content Leader, EJ Phillips, digs deep to learn more about Office 365 and all it offers with Cindy Farmer and Bob Chanfrau of Proactive Information Management.  She discovers 365 is far more than Outlook, Word, and Excel.  They discuss SharePoint, Teams, Desktop apps, and Online Collaboration and how PIM can help your business maximize its Office 365 subscription. 

Outsource Your Inbound Marketing

MPWRSource Content Leader, EJ Phillips, chats with MPWRSource Chief Growth Officer, Tiffany Joy Greene, M.B.A., about MPWRSource’s  Methodology, the impetus behind Inbound Marketing Strategies, and the importance of establishing transparency and authentic relationships with your small business’s target market.  

Protect Your Brand. Protect Your Reputation

Angela Simmons, CCSA, CHPC, BS, CentraVance Consulting Principal Consultant, and Tiffany Joy Greene, M.B.A., MPWRSource Chief Growth Officer, talk about how businesses protect their reputation by following some simple steps and following regulations.  


Reasons To Hire an Advisory Firm

Cindy Farmer, Internal Communications Manager for MCH Concepts, and Tiffany Joy Greene, M.B.A., MPWRSource Chief Growth Officer, talk about the reasons why a small business should hire an advisory services firm, as well as what to look for in an advisory services firm.